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Do you want to give your grandmother a framed family tree for her birthday? Did you inherit family photos, papers, or memorabilia and want help sorting, digitizing, identifying, or publishing? Do you want help writing a family history or memoir, gathering a family oral history, or putting together a project to share with your whole family? Use the contact form or send an email with anything you have in mind and we can together decide on a service, budget, and timeframe that works for you.


Baby Naming

Many people want to give their children names that are personally meaningful, that reflect their families and culture, and that are unique and fitting. Family Archeologies will research the ancestry of all parents, cull a selection of names according to your taste, and do in-depth research on individuals whose names resonate most deeply with you. Optional add-ons include a framed family tree highlighting the links to the ancestors sharing your baby’s names, and/or a baby name album with photos, images, and narratives about the baby’s namesakes. Baby naming starts at $250.





“ This report is wonderful! I had no idea so much could be uncovered. I can’t believe you could even tell me where my great-grandfather worked in 1880. It’s quite fun to see the original marriage records and whatnot. I’m very impressed, lots of questions answered.”

Peter M.

“Who knew our ancestors left such a thick paper trail. I knew literally nothing about my family and within a few hours you told me more than I thought I would *ever* know. I told my grandmother that you found Freddie Mack and she turned white as a sheet! No wonder I never knew anything. I can’t wait to see what else you dig up.”

Sara L.

“Wow, this is so fascinating. Just unbelievable. I wonder what [the family's] relationship to race was at the time. Like, I know Italians were not considered white, but they must have struggled with [my great-grandfather's] marriage anyway. Was interracial marriage even legal in 1914? It’s strange how my family totally covered it up. Even my dad says he never knew that his grandmother was actually Puerto Rican!! What else can you tell me? Are you SURE??” [Yes, I'm sure!]”

Andrea B.

“Thank you for your very detailed, very prompt report. Amazing to see all the original documents and your research is very easy to follow and understand, and very thorough. I’m very satisfied. It was a true pleasure working with you.”

Rhonda B.


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